Stop feeling guilty and start decluttering

It’s time to start loving your home again. So many people keep things in their home that they feel they can't get rid of. I mean come on, living in places like Scotland and London we don’t have a lot of space to waste on little things we don’t need.


We accumulate so many things over the years and for one reason or another, we tend to hold onto them. When items start to take up too much space in our home, it can start to make us feel down and this is what we want to avoid.


I recently read a quote that couldn’t be a more perfect saying “Only keep things we love or truly need, then we will naturally have less, have to clean less, and feel more free” - William Morris. So why is it that we clutter our lives so much? Is it guilt or greed?


If you're like me, then guilt tends to take over with the mere thought of throwing something out. You feel you're either wasting the item, wasting money, maybe someone gave you the item, it has sentimental value, or even that you will use it one day. These thoughts are all normal and something we can tackle one at a time.


Spending money on the item has already happened, so it’s best to live and learn. Tackle the unnecessary spending now and future items won’t be wasted. So get rid of what you don’t need, move on and you'll feel so much better.


For sentimental items and gifts, I always feel this is an ongoing task. Things that seem important now can start to feel less important over time. So keep looking at them and throw out the unnecessary.


Lastly, my favourite excuse, I might use it again one day. The reality is that keeping things we are not using or will never use is a waste of space, time and money. Maybe give it away or even sell it. This will free up your home for the truly important things.

Now isn’t it lovely to end up with a home in which all the items around you are the things you really love and enjoy?

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