The hardest thing to tackle is motivation

It all starts with reaching for that second cup of coffee, working longer hours just to get it all done and then at the end of the day feeling deflated before starting it all again in the morning. Is this just the reality of the modern day workload?


Well, it doesn’t need to be. Before you even get to the point of feeling deflated, try following these simple steps. Whether it’s getting more done around the house or starting a new project, these suggestions could help save the day...or at least give you more time.


Use your body to trick your brain

Get yourself up and moving. Start by walking around your house or office, or even a small walk outside. By adjusting your physiology this can change the way your brain thinks and helps you focus more on your daily tasks.


Remind yourself of goals you are trying to achieve

What is it that you are trying to work towards? Make a board, a list or even have a picture near you of that one thing you are trying to achieve.


Don’t force the flow

We all know that motivation only lasts for so long. Once you feel like it’s gone, try doing something else, take a walk or a break. Let yourself recharge and the motivation will come back.


Rethink your process

What happens when motivation isn’t the problem? If you always dread doing that one job, maybe it's just the way you're doing it. Try to look at it from a different angle and change the way you're doing that task.


Celebrate your success

At the end of each day, look back and see what you've achieved. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by the tasks ahead. Looking back and seeing what you have accomplished will stop the feeling of wanting to shut down.

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