Keeping healthy during the cold winter months

Winter is on its way, we can feel the cold crisp air moving in and of course the rain. Scotland, we all know once the bad weather comes in, we want to stay in too.

With the cold weather coming, we want to remain healthy and keep the flu out. Though we  assume that we get sick because of the cold winter weather, this is not always the case, the real reason the flu comes about is because we are all cooped up together indoors, this is how we tend to transfer our germs from one to another.

As a parent, what can we do to prevent our little ones and ourselves from getting ill?

It’s impossible to prevent germs from hanging around entirely, but there are house cleaning tricks that we can do to keep germs to a minimum.

Always wash your hands:

I can’t stress this enough, the best way to stay healthy this season is to always wash your hands.

The single handed way that germs spread is through people hands. We touch so many things throughout the day - the tube handles, door handles and even desktop surfaces. Not only can we pass this on to others but since we tend to touch our own faces, we can hand it over to ourselves.

A great tip for washing hands is to wash your hands with soap in lukewarm water for 30 seconds.

Regularly disinfect items in your home:

Always remember that viruses can hang around for hours on end on surfaces like plastic toys, remote controls and desktop surfaces. Plastics, metals and even fabrics are a breeding ground for viruses, so remember to disinfect areas on a regular basis.

Wipes that contain a bleach based cleaner are the best ones to make sure you are keeping all the germs out.

Keep up with the washing:

No matter if you are sick or not, keeping up with the washing can help minimise the potential of getting sick.

Remember to wash the bedding separately from the clothes - just in case we are carrying any germs on our outfits.

And when it comes to drying, the best way to keep germs off our fabrics is to use a dryer on the hottest setting. This will kill any additional viruses that hang around on our fabrics.

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